About the Founder

Hey ! My name is Akshat Bhaiji and I am from Madhya Pradesh. Back when I was an undergrad student in an engineering college, I was surrounded by zonked youth and talk of marijuana. Rather than giving into the fad, I chose to simply observe the recreational effects of cannabis on my peers. A few months later, I heard that the cannabis plant could be used for much more than just recreational purposes. Like you, I didn’t quite believe it at first and chose to research for myself. I was amazed at how the taboo Indian plant had so many medicinal and industrial uses. This astonishing fact fueled my interest in the cannabis crop. So, I decided to bring it to lightin the fashion industry and get everyone high on style!

Our Mission

Cannabie is a step towards eradicating fast-fashion by offering equally comfortable and fashionable clothing. We aim to bust all myths about the humble hemp and to use its vital benefits to make it stand out in the fashion industry.