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7 Boho Fashion Trends You Need to Rock This Season


Roughly every few decades, a fresh style wave hits the fashion scene, and a lot of style experts are predicting the return of the boho chic look from the '70s and '90s, revamped and better than ever before. Boho is a key part of the fashion evolution following the hippie era, spotlighting a chic return to nature. This style evolved from hippie trends but added a glamorous twist, resulting in a unique look that stands proudly on its own. Unlike the minimalistic approach of hippie attire, Bohemians infused their fashion with glamour to create something truly special.

What exactly is boho chic? We'll dive into this topic, using a handful of examples to clear up any questions.

What is Boho Fashion?

The term "Bohemian" is often abbreviated to "boho." Historically, Bohemians, who valued uniqueness and freedom during the Renaissance, set the stage for the first counterculture. They were famous for their extravagant, unrestrained, and distinctive way of dressing.

Our selection of bohemian holiday attire offers a peek into the bohemian lifestyle. It showcases uniquely designed and tailored maxi dresses that are bound to turn heads. The use of floral designs highlights boho fashion's close connection to nature.

These dresses feature an open back and are sleeveless, aligning with the bohemian style preference. Indeed, embracing the boho look often means being comfortable with showing a bit of skin.

7 Boho Fashion Trends You Need to Rock This Season

The mid-2000s boho comeback saw fashion icons like Sienna Miller and The Olsens fully adopting retro, flower-power aesthetics, yet the current revival takes a more understated approach. Gone are the days of piling on accessories characteristic of past renditions. 

The current wave of boho seen in street fashion is moving away from head-to-toe fringe and floral overload, focusing instead on selectively incorporating standout boho elements. 

This time around, the emphasis is on how the outfits are put together, with attention to structure, balance, and a touch of moderation making for the most striking boho looks. This refined boho style has been flawlessly demonstrated by celebrities including Jennifer Lopez.

Revamping Denim with Patchwork

A fresh approach to updating any style involves playing with proportions. For patchwork denim, be it pants, skirts, dresses, or jackets, mixing them with contemporary oversized pieces like a leather jacket, bomber, or winter coat can give an outfit a chic, modern edge while nodding to its boho origins.

Updated Vests

It's time to move on from the fringed macramé or suede vests of the past. Opt instead for a longer vest in refined materials such as wool. This elongated, belted vest style introduces a boho vibe to various outfits, from trousers to shorts, and pairs exceptionally well with motorcycle boots for added flair.

Modern Crop Tops

Crop tops aren't just for festivals anymore. The modern way to sport them is with a monochrome ensemble. Choosing the right fabric is crucial; a knitted set with a high waist can look sleek yet maintain a boho feel with fringes and chunky platform shoes.

Innovative Shearling

While a full-length shearling coat may echo hardcore fan vibes, mixing it up with an asymmetrical bomber trimmed in shearling, or even shearling shorts, offers a fresh twist on this classic boho material. Pair with lug-sole boots or sporty sneakers for a contemporary finish.

Puff-Sleeve Tops Reimagined

The fashionability of a puff-sleeve top lies in its pairing. Keeping it simple with high-waisted jeans balances the volume, and details like a high neck or cinched wrists, along with minimal accessories, allow this boho piece to stand out in a modern way.

Statement Coats Refreshed

Updating a boho statement coat means letting it be the focal point. Choose a solid background like head-to-toe denim or a monochromatic outfit to let the coat's color pop, whether the look underneath is casual or for the office.

Modern Macramé

Macramé, with its divisive reputation, can still hint at its boho roots while embodying a new vibe. Combine a macramé top with a black midi skirt or a macramé skirt with a crisp white shirt for a contemporary, unexpected look. Complete the outfit with classic accessories for a polished finish.

Other Boho Fashion Trends To Consider This Season

Earthy Tones in Boho Fashion

Boho fashion celebrates the natural palette, prominently featuring earth tones, as evident on our website. This style gravitates towards shades of brown, green, and grey, incorporating these colours with a nuanced approach. Even when venturing into more vibrant colours like reds, blues, greens, and yellows, there's always a subtle depth to these hues, providing a soft contrast to the stark modernism's cold rigidity.

Analogous colour harmony is a hallmark of boho style, referring to colours that sit next to each other on the colour wheel, creating a serene and natural look. This results in combinations where reds, browns, and oranges are harmonized more often than contrasting colours like yellows and blues. In boho-chic, preference is given to colour blends and similar patterns over monochromatic schemes, emphasizing the style's rich, layered essence.

Essential Boho Footwear: Boots

The boho aesthetic would be incomplete without its signature footwear: boots. Unlike the often barefoot hippies who were indifferent to footwear, the boho style places a significant emphasis on boots as a cornerstone of the look. These boots not only complement the earthy tones of boho outfits but often introduce an element of contrast with a hint of shine or distinctive design. From combat and punk-rock boots to cowboy styles, boots are a defining feature of the boho fashion statement.

Accessorizing the Boho Way

Layering accessories is a quintessential aspect of achieving the boho look, showcasing a range of popular accessories used distinctively in this style.


In boho fashion, necklaces are bold and substantial, steering clear of overly shiny or metallic pieces. Opting for a necklace with a large pendant made of natural elements is recommended. Alternatively, layering multiple necklaces of varying lengths can create a dynamic, textured look that enhances the boho ensemble's fluidity.


Boho fashion is a celebration of natural beauty and individual expression, rooted in earthy tones and accented with bold accessories like statement boots and layered jewellery. This style champions the harmony of analogous colours and the richness of textures, making it a timeless choice that transcends trends. Embracing boho is about embodying freedom, creativity, and a deep connection to the natural world, through every piece worn.

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