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Hemp and the Law: Hemp’s legal history in India

Hemp and the Law

When we use the word ‘hemp’ in conversation, usually people mistake it for another plant of the same species that is marijuana or ‘ganja’. Marijuana is a form of the cannabis Indica strain. It’s used for recreational purposes due to its psychoactive qualities. A different species of cannabis called cannabis Sativa provides us with hemp. […]

CANNABIS COUSINS: Hemp and Marijuana

In the world of cannabis, there are more names for one plant family than you could ever imagine.  Cannabis hemp and Cannabis marijuana are terms for plants in the Cannabaceae family. There are, however some major differences between, botanical and cultural. Hemp is the cousin to the well-known marijuana. It is also potentially one of […]

Super Crop Hemp: A sustainable crop and its uses you need to know about!

hemp use

The use of hemp dates back to the stone age, with hemp fibre imprints found in 10,000 year old pottery shards in China. In the last decade, hemp has appeared in the public eye as a crop for the future. New technologies stimulate this change which makes it suitable for industrial paper manufacturing. Hemp derivatives […]

Hemp Fashion Is Slow Fashion That’s Good For Eearth

Hemp clothing goes into the slow fashion movement thanks to the part of intricate farming process of the fibre that is innately good for the earth. Among many of the rich benefits that hemp provides to the soil while growing, it also utilizes less water than other natural fibre crops, and prevents crop erosion over […]

Weeding Out The Stigma Out Of Hemp

Surely no members of vegetable kingdom have ever been more misunderstood than hemp. Hemp, or Cannabis sativa, is a flexible plant that can be grown in many different climates to produce a number of particulars. Its fiber can be used to turn into clothing, its seeds can make for a nutritious food, and its oils are in-demand for […]

How Sustainable Fashion Can Help Us Move Beyond Fast Fashion

Move Beyond Fast Fashion As we are in the middle of this revolution of switching towards sustainability, we really want to swim ahead in this ocean but often find ourselves confused on how to go about it. As per the global environmental changes we desperately want to live a sustainable life. But thiscould be utterly […]