Hemp Apparel: Save the Planet in Style

why hemp

The textile industry stands to be the second greatest contributor to environment pollution in the world. As society is becoming more aware and mindful of their choices concerning the planet. The fashion industry has, at last, unleashed its hidden gem upon the world; the handy hemp.
In today’s day and age, hemp is the best sustainable substitute for all the natural fibres that are lying in your closet. Moreover, it offers remarkable benefits to the environment. It is a great alternative to non-biodegradable and synthetic fabrics that generate tons of waste. Hemp clothing is 100% natural and organic, which makes it perfectly safe for the skin as opposed to synthetic fibres that use toxic chemicals. This fabric is also naturally anti-bacterial and offers protection against the sun. Being more resilient than most fibres out there, hemp is guaranteed to outlast all other materials. Getting softer with every wash, hemp apparel ages well. From casual wear to traditional wear,the versatility of hemp allows the prospect of creating a wide range of styles to fulfil all your fashion needs.
India is also adapting to an environmentally aware fashion lifestyle. Startups like Cannabie, Hempsters and BOHECO are one of the few places you can rely to find quality organic clothing. If eco-friendly, trendy and modern looks are something you crave, hemp has got you covered.