Hemp Based Products You Can Start Using Today

Often referred to as a ‘wonder plant’, hemp has so much to offer, that too in an eco-friendly sustainable way. In today’s world, where it is vital for us to collectively work towards saving the environment. So the least we can do is make the jump to sustainably made products which also happen to be just as good as the alternatives available in the market. Hemp based products are a greener option when compared to the other things that we use in our daily lives. Here’s a list of a few of these products that are useful and would also reduce your carbon footprint significantly:- 

Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil, rich in multiple Omega fatty acids has numerous health benefits. Studies have proven that hemp seed oils help in improve your skin, effective against eczema, psoriasis, and acne. These oils also reduce blood pressure to help with problems like hypertension. It even possesses anti-inflammatory qualities which help in pain and inflammation reduction.

Hemp Based Food Products

Hemp seeds are rich in multiple Omega fatty acids and proteins. It is because of these qualities, that they are very suitable for breakfast cereals as well as smoothies as supplements. Some food products made from these seeds include protein bars, energy bars, different kinds of sauces, etc.


The fast fashion industry has a major role to play in environmental degradation. From production processes harming the environment to the poor waste management of the surplus. Industrial hemp is used in the textile industry and is a very appealing alternative to other fabrics like cotton and many more synthetic fibres. Hemp fibres have a sustainable process, we get T-shirts, kurtas, crop tops, and many other forms of apparel or even home furnishings from these fabrics. This fabric is breathable, strong and even repels UV rays. You will also get your money’s worth as hemp clothes are long-lasting and hold colour amazingly well, so they won’t look washed out anytime soon! Numerous Indian companies like Cannabie are doing some amazing work in this sector and offering their customers quality clothing made out of 100% natural material. 

Range of hemp clothes offered by Cannabie.

Hemp Based Beauty Products

The skin is very sensitive, so it needs care and attention. Instead of using products with chemicals, a range of hemp oil-based beauty products can do wonders for your skincare routine. The oil moisturizes the skin without clogging any pores. It also helps in the hydration of the skin and even regulates the oil production of the skin. They are effective against dermatitis and have anti-ageing qualities. The range of products includes soap bars, face creams, body oil and much more.  

Hemp Plastics

The production of biodegradable and eco-friendly plastic often uses industrial hemp. Though, generally, plastic is made from petroleum-based compounds, which have a negative impact on the environment. The cellulose in this plant helps to make biodegradable, non-toxic plastic. The plastic is non-toxic and heat resistant, even cheaper and easier to produce. They are used to manufacture building materials, pet toys, water bottles, paper, and more. 

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