Top 5 Hemp Clothing Brands in India

Cannabie hemp tshirt

As the general public becomes more informed about the harmful effects of the fast fashion industry, people are looking for better alternatives. One of the industries leading this environmentally conscious change is the industrial hemp industry. Because clothes made from hemp fibres do not harm the environment without compromising comfort, quality, and style. So we have listed below some companies which fulfil all your hemp clothing needs:-


Being India’s first hemp t-shirt brand, Cannabie pairs state of the art technology with human manpower integration. And their production process works towards strengthening the local tribal communities in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. Along with t-shirts, Cannabie’s collection also offers a variety of apparel including kurtas, tops, and face masks made out of 100% natural hemp fabric. This material is antibacterial, anti-odour and most of all, comfortable. So, If you are someone looking for eco-friendly casual clothes, Cannabie is just the company for you.

Hemp Clothing by Cannabie


Hemploom’s mission is to generate awareness and encourage the people to take up more eco-friendly solutions, Hemploom was founded in 2020, becoming India’s first sustainable handloom brand. Since then Hemploom has provided people with an impressive collection of hemp fabrics, putting out biodegradable products with 0%THC.


This is a startup from Lucknow which brings its customers the classic Lucknavi chikan Kari on hemp fabric. If originality is something you are looking for then Hempkari perfectly blends a more sustainable production process of industrial hemp with the traditional local style on the clothes to offer you their ‘one of a kind’ collection of Indian wear. 


The aim of making a more environment-centric (Ecentric) community, trying to popularise the eco-friendly hemp fibres in the textile industry. The company has products ranging from formal shirts and kurtas to everyday casual clothes that will keep you comfortable all day long. 

B Label by BOHECO

B Label, is a hemp clothing line by the Bombay Hemp Company offers apparel which is UV repellent, breathable, and long-lasting. With their impressive collection of casual and traditional wear, along with accessories like tablecloths, laptop sleeves, etc. They have something to offer for everybody.