Hemp Fashion: A Beginner’s Guide

Hemp Fashion

Are you trying to switch to eco-fashion? Is this the first time you’re coming across hemp? Let us help you through this journey. Here’s all you need to know about this wonder plant and hemp fashion.

The Enigma That is Hemp

Hemp fashion might seem like a new player in the textile industry but in reality, it is simply making a comeback. Historically, it was one of the first crops to ever be used to make fibre. Hemp is not a new concept, it is a resurfacing marvel that’s here to stay.

This miracle fibre is from the Sativa variety of the Cannabis plant. This is very different from the marijuana variety and barely contains any traces of psychoactive chemicals. Its stem gives us quality fibre that is then spun to give us eco-friendly clothing.

The benefits of hemp clothing are unreal. It is one of the strongest and most durable fibres available out there. It is breathable and anti-odour, yet absorbent to moisture. Hemp is naturally insulated which will help keep you cool in summers and warm in winters. It can also better retain dyes and hold its shape, thus outlasting all its competitors. Hemp is also naturally resistant to mould and offers protection against ultraviolet light. 

Despite all these benefits, its comfort and style are second to none! 

The Benefits of Hemp Fashion

hemp fashion

This immense versatility of hemp comes at a very low environmental cost. In terms of production, it is twice as easy to grow than any other natural fibre with minimal water and pesticide consumption.  Besides, unlike other natural fibres, hemp does not rob the soil of its rich nutrients. Instead, it nourishes it further leaving it richer for the next crop. Hemp can also save us a lot of land space, thus proving to be ecologic and economic.

Today, hemp is the biggest competitor of cotton; and why wouldn’t it be? It is far more sustainable and looks just as stylish as linen clothing.

Hemp’s relation to marijuana has kept us from using it to its fullest potential. Nevertheless, times are changing. The return of hemp is beginning to gain support because of the scores of benefits it offers to the planet. Hemp’s comeback in the fashion industry is a boon to the environment and society’s first big step towards a greener future.

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