Hemp Fashion Is Slow Fashion That’s Good For Eearth

Hemp clothing goes into the slow fashion movement thanks to the part of intricate farming process of the fibre that is innately good for the earth. Among many of the rich benefits that hemp provides to the soil while growing, it also utilizes less water than other natural fibre crops, and prevents crop erosion over time.

Once the eco-friendly plant is harvested, the fibre goes through another slow process of retting, which takes up to five weeks so that paired with the technical weaving process of the fabric, hemp fibre results in clothing and apparel that is high quality and designed for longevity.


Different from many other fibres, industrial (organic) hemp can be picked and processed without any toxic chemicals. Therefore, it is entirely safe for workers all along the supply chain. Nowadays, most of the hemp textiles come from hemp in china, as they lead the world in hemp production, controlling over one third of the world’s hemp industry.

China is actually covering the way for high-quality work standards and ethical practices; hence you can feel good about supporting this global market.


Say goodbye to fast fashion: hemp has the longest and strongest natural fibres in the world, so it lasts forever. When you compare hemp vs cotton, hemp is three times stronger!

Not only you can keep hemp in your wardrobe for years, but it’s also completely biodegradable. You can smoothly compost your hemp clothing, as long as it’s composed of 100% natural fibres and are not mixed with other polyesters. By allowing hemp fibre to return to the biosphere fits into the circularity conversation within sustainable fashion.


Hemp can be grown 100% naturally and cruelty-free without a single pesticides or herbicide thus creating no harm to humans or animals. This makes hemp organically better for the environment, and every living being on the planet by avoiding toxic chemicals which is typically used in the clothing production process.

Protect yourself, mother nature, and all her creatures from harmful pesticides by looking for hemp in fashion rather than other fibres that require chemicals to be grown.


Hemp fabric is naturally antibacterial an also fights off mould and mildew, which comes in perfectly for fabric that comes into close contact with more moisture heavy parts of your body like feet, underarms, your privates and whatever else you may sweat.

Unlike many antibacterial fabrics that are synthetic and treated with chemicals, hemp is completely natural and organic, so if sensitive skin is something that you deal with, then you’ll feel so comfortable with hemp fabric then you will not wear anything else.

HEMP FASHION A BREATHABLE FASHION Breathable fashion makes the best fashion- especially when you’re making an impact with your outfit and trying to keep your cool simultaneously. It’s a plus point that you can depend on hemp clothing because it’s more breathable than cotton, wicks away moisture, and helps regulate your temperature. Hemp also absorbs four times more water than cotton, and is far more comfortable than suffocating synthetic fibres.

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