Industrial Hemp: New Revolution in the Fashion Industry

Hemp has been used mostly for different purposes including medicine and for making textiles. Recent research shows that industrial hemp has the ability to change the entire industry for the betterment. But Cannabis has been in the advancement of civilizations across the world for a very long time.

Hemp in Indian Culture

India is a land where hemp was an essential part of society and played a part in ceremonies in the past. Now, Hemp is being put to use to bring up new industries. Governments are reframing policies related to industrial hemp under the state legislature. And are taking positive and good steps to promote the cultivation of hemp. The hemp industry has a vast future to help in the growth of various markets.

The Uttarakhand government has taken lead to reframe its industrial hemp policy and has currently issued the first-ever hemp cultivation license. Hence permitting hemp(cannabis) to now be used to create medicines, textiles, food items, paper, and building materials. Now many SHGs and farmer groups are supported by the Uttarakhand government and by private players under a PPP model which focus on advancing the size and scope of the industry. Most importantly, it is estimated that annual revenues from Hemp textiles in Uttrakhand will equal 240 crore rupees while a farmer who grows hemp will earn approximately 1 lakh rupees annually from the sale of hemp.

Uses of Hemp

Hemp has many uses and it can be used to manufacture goods of uncommon quality cheaply and more efficiently than they are manufactured today. Consider for example, that hemp grown on 1 acre of land can produce as much paper as can be produced from 4 acres of trees. Such an order in producing paper is the need of the hour because trees on thousands of acres are felled each year to produce paper. Therefore instead of felling millions of trees, hemp can be cultivated and used to produce paper instead. Clearly cultivating hemp leads to better utilization of natural resources and as a result, to more prosperity in society.  

Most of the farmers in India are not moneyed which is why they will benefit tremendously by cultivating hemp as hemp can grow on barren land and requires very few resources to flourish. So hemp can be grown cheaply which makes it perfect for cultivation by Indian farmers. Today beyond Uttarakhand there are ghost villages, such villages are so-called because they’ve been abandoned. Their earlier inhabitants have moved to parts of the country that provide greater economic opportunities. However,  cultivating hemp will also benefit farmers because they can live in their villages and enjoy a far higher standard of living. And a higher savings rate, than they could while living and working in a city.

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Potential of Industrial Hemp to Change the ‘Village’ Economy

Farmers will flourish by growing hemp as hemp provides goods such as canvas. Also, hemp fibre is so synonymous with a canvas that the word canvas is derived from the word “cannabis”. Once manufactured, hemp canvas and fibre will have many uses, especially with the armed forces. A reason for this is that canvas made from hemp is resistant to ultraviolet light, heat, mildew, and repels insects. Making it the perfect material for canvas used by the armed forces. Farmers who cultivate hemp will play a small part in taking care of this industry. We are yet to fully explore the true scope of hemp despite extensive ongoing research to fully understand its uses. But in Conclusion, Cannabis is now taking back its lost glory after being labelled as a harmful drug for decades.

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