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Top 5 Hemp Clothing Brands in India

Cannabie hemp tshirt

As the general public becomes more informed about the harmful effects of the fast fashion industry, people are looking for better alternatives. One of the industries leading this environmentally conscious change is the industrial hemp industry. Because clothes made from hemp fibres do not harm the environment without compromising comfort, quality, and style. So we […]

Hemp and the Law: Hemp’s legal history in India

Hemp and the Law

When we use the word ‘hemp’ in conversation, usually people mistake it for another plant of the same species that is marijuana or ‘ganja’. Marijuana is a form of the cannabis Indica strain. It’s used for recreational purposes due to its psychoactive qualities. A different species of cannabis called cannabis Sativa provides us with hemp. […]

Hemp Fashion: A Beginner’s Guide

Hemp Fashion

Are you trying to switch to eco-fashion? Is this the first time you’re coming across hemp? Let us help you through this journey. Here’s all you need to know about this wonder plant and hemp fashion. The Enigma That is Hemp Hemp fashion might seem like a new player in the textile industry but in […]

Hemp Based Products You Can Start Using Today

Often referred to as a ‘wonder plant’, hemp has so much to offer, that too in an eco-friendly sustainable way. In today’s world, where it is vital for us to collectively work towards saving the environment. So the least we can do is make the jump to sustainably made products which also happen to be […]

Hemp vs Cotton: The Better Choice

Cotton vs Hemp image

Hemp vs Cotton is the leading battle in the eco-fashion industry. The resurfacing of hemp has marked a breakthrough in the textile industry, which has struck an important conversation about rethinking Cotton. We live in a society that’s familiar with Cotton. It is a natural fibre crop native to tropical and subtropical regions around the […]

CANNABIS COUSINS: Hemp and Marijuana

In the world of cannabis, there are more names for one plant family than you could ever imagine.  Cannabis hemp and Cannabis marijuana are terms for plants in the Cannabaceae family. There are, however some major differences between, botanical and cultural. Hemp is the cousin to the well-known marijuana. It is also potentially one of […]

Industrial Hemp: New Revolution in the Fashion Industry

Hemp has been used mostly for different purposes including medicine and for making textiles. Recent research shows that industrial hemp has the ability to change the entire industry for the betterment. But Cannabis has been in the advancement of civilizations across the world for a very long time. Hemp in Indian Culture India is a […]

Super Crop Hemp: A sustainable crop and its uses you need to know about!

hemp use

The use of hemp dates back to the stone age, with hemp fibre imprints found in 10,000 year old pottery shards in China. In the last decade, hemp has appeared in the public eye as a crop for the future. New technologies stimulate this change which makes it suitable for industrial paper manufacturing. Hemp derivatives […]