Terms and Conditions

We seek to ensure that every transaction on our website is seamless and without any hassle. Hence, We take utmost care in delivering our products and adhere to the highest quality standards of Hemp Clothing India. We explicitly do not offer returns or exchanges on discounted products; And on products which are delivered in perfect condition as per the order placed.

Henceforth all the Products you have ordered will be eligible for a replacement within 5 days upon delivery of product. For the purpose of refund, Either of the following conditions are to be met:

  1. If you’ve had an inaccurate product delivered to you (product doesn’t match the item in the order confirmation).
  2. You find that you’ve made an error with size (for Hemp clothing).
  3. Moreover, If the product you receive has a genuine quality/manufacturing defect.

Refunds are possible at Cannabie Hemp Clothing India under certain conditions. Thereafter the refund will be processed within 14 working days (after the product reaches us). The refund shall be made through online mode.

You will be eligible for a refund; If you’ve received a faulty product and the same or a similar product of your liking is out of stock. Then, a quality check will be undertook prior to the refund.

Orders once placed, cannot be cancelled.